Montreal in summer

Written on June 12th

It’s summer in Quebec and the Festival season has started in Montreal where I live. The streets in the city center will be closed for several weeks where big scenes have been put up to welcome artists from around the world. During my long absence the city did an amazing job in finishing the Quartier des Spectacles designed for the Festival season. The wonderful thing about Montreal’s festivals is that all the outdoor shows are free! Continue reading



Feeling far.

Far away from family.

Far away from beloved friends. Friends you’ve known for years. Decades even sometimes. Friends who know you, your habits, your strengths, your weaknesses but who don’t care. Friends you can count on and for whom you are there for too. Friends who understand you. Friends you connect with. Continue reading


What I thought would be two relaxing weeks by beautiful beaches on Oahu and Kaua’i, reunited with my dear friend Melissa that I hadn’t seen in almost a year and after stressful months in Montreal preparing my departure ended up being 14 hectic days which left me out of breath by the time I reached my next destination. Continue reading